Sudoku Puzzle Book - Easy (Vol 3)

Sudoku Puzzle Book - Easy (Vol 3)

Sheba Blake
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Get your pencils out and keep a pencil sharpener close by! Take a break, relax, and do a little puzzling. Sudoku puzzles are fun and engaging, while providing your brain with a little stimulation!

Sudoku create a path of logic and imagination! These puzzles have been selected with relaxation in mind. They provide a fun challenge without being too difficult. The difficulty level of these puzzles are considered "easy", but prepare to be pushed to your path-finding limits here!

Why You'll Love This Book:

• Contains 50 puzzles.
• Solutions are included in the back of book.
• Age appropriate puzzles for middle school and high school age kids 13 years and up.
• Printable version for printing at home.
• A nice sized format (8.5"x11") to print.

So if your you or your child loves to solve puzzles, then order your copy today!