Homework Tracker

Homework Tracker

Sheba Blake
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Let's face it...the planners and agendas that the schools give out just don't work for all students. Many students need something that is much more simple and easy to use. Something without all the needless bells and whistles. This homework tracker and assignment completion log book is the perfect solution!

Why You'll Love This Book:

Over 100 assignment completion log pages - with columns to record the subject, assignment, due date, turned in status, and notes for each assignment. These pages are undated and can be used on a daily, weekly, or ongoing basis. This flexibility gives you the freedom to select what works best for you. 
Versatile - Can be used for traditional in-person school instruction or remote virtual distance online learning.
• Plenty of room to write and big enough to avoid being lost in a locker.
• Printable version for printing at home.
• A nice sized format (8.5"x11") to print.

The Homework Tracker makes the perfect gift! Easy to carry - this journal is the perfect size for traveling.