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Mark Twain

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Illustrated with beautiful chapter headings that match the book cover!

1601, written by Mark Twain, is a supposititious conversation which takes place in Queen Elizabeth's closet between the Queen, Ben Jonson, Beaumont, Sir Walter Raleigh, the Duchess of Bilgewater, and one or two others... If there is a decent word findable in it, it is because I overlooked it. 1601 depicts a highfalutin and earthy discussion between the Queen and her court about farting and a variety of sexual peccadillos, narrated disapprovingly and sanctimoniously by the Queen's Cup-Bearer, an eyewitness at the Social Fireside.

As part of our mission to publish great works of literary fiction and nonfiction, Sheba Blake Publishing Corp. is extremely dedicated to bringing to the forefront the amazing works of long dead and truly talented authors.

Book Information:

Trim Size: 6.000" x 9.000" (229mm x 152mm)
Interior Color and Paper: Black & White (White - 50)
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Bound)
Cover Finish: Matte
Page Count: 40
Spine Width: 0.08280 in (2.10 mm)

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